Wish Realm
Wish Realm
General Information
Status : Existing
Ruler : Prince Henry
Princess Emma (Formerly)
King David & Queen Snow (Formerly)
Evil Queen (Formerly)
Appearances Infromation
First : "Wish You Were Here"
Latest : "Tougher Than the Rest"

The Wish Realm[1] is a world featured on Once Upon a Time.


The Wish Realm is a world in the Land With Magic universe. Initially, this land did not exist, but due to a wish made by the Evil Queen (Serum), the land was formed. It is a heavily recreation of the Enchanted Forest, except instead of being a realm in an existing world, the Wish Realms exists on its own. Much alike the Enchanted Forest, it is divided into kingdoms ruled by a King, Queen or both. The ruler of the land resides at the Royal Castle at an unnamed capital.

Magic, much alike like the Enchanted Forest, is heavily wielded in the Wish Realm. There are good practitioners of magic as there are bad. A known practitioner of magic is the Dark One who is widely known in the land to make deals. He is eventually captured by the rulers of the capital to protect the land from magical beings.

Unlike the rest of the universe, the Wish Realms was not affected by the Evil Queen's curse due to coming into existence years after the curse was cast and broken. The land is an alternate land where the curse never had happen, with the Evil Queen banished before she could enact the curse. Due to this, no real history was created before its creation with the inhabitants memories altered into make believing in thinking they had a life all these years.


After Third Curse

Due to a wish made by the Evil Queen (Serum) to obligate Emma Swan's role as the Savior, the Wish Realm is formed as a world. The wish also sends Emma to the Wish Realm while also erasing her memories of her past and giving her false memories. ("Wish You Were Here")

Arriving at the Wish Realm, Emma becomes a princess and the daughter of King David and Queen Snow White. She also gains a son — Prince Henry with Baelfire, Prince Henry's deceased father. On her twenty-eighth birthday, King David and Queen Snow throws a birthday ball in her honour. After making her wish, Princess Emma tells her mother about a strange dream she had, one where the Evil Queen cast her curse and she became the Savior of a place called Storybrooke. Prince David and Queen Snow assures her that it's only a dream but Princess Emma thinks otherwise and shows them a sword from her dream found under her bed in her chamber. Moments later, Prince Henry arrives into the ballroom and apologies to his mother for being late and gives the excuse of training for his assertion to be a knight. ("Wish You Were Here")

From Storybrooke, Regina tricks the Evil Queen (Serum) and makes a wish to be with Emma. When the wish is granted, Regina ends up in the Wish Realm. As Regina searches for Emma, she spots the Dwarves and asks for their help to locate Emma. In return, Grumpy shouts that the Evil Queen had returned and runs away with the other dwarves to warn King David and Queen Snow. After much searching, Regina finally finds Emma. Emma on the other hand still thinks she is a princess. As Regina approaches her, King David and Queen Snow arrives to kill Regina, whom they think is the Evil Queen. Failing to make Emma follow her, Regina manifests herself back to the Dark Palace. There, she finds the place ransacked and abandoned. In the underground tunnels, Regina finds an imprisoned Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin mocks her as his greatest failure as she failed to cast the curse that he gave her. Regina tells him that she isn't the Evil Queen. As the two talk, Rumplestiltskin gets knowledge of Regina's homeland and proposes a deal to free him in exchange for a magic bean to return to Storybrooke. After Regina frees Rumplestiltskin, he tells her to met him near a lake at noon. He also tells her to masquerade as the Evil Queen in order to get the Savior to remember. ("Wish You Were Here")

During Prince Henry's assertion to knighthood, Regina, masquerading as the Evil Queen, marches down the room and claims that they may have defeated her, but she is back. She tells Princess Emma to find a savior that can defeat her and in due time, come and face her. Regina then manifests herself, along with King David and Queen Snow as prisoners to the Dark Palace. Regina then patiently waits for Princess Emma to arrive. After sometime, Princess Emma arrives at the palace with the key to the kingdom for her parents' freedom. Regina rips King David and Queen Snow's hearts out to push Princess Emma to embrace her role as the Savior. As Princess Emma refuses to fight Regina, Prince Henry walks into the room and volunteers to face Regina instead. As he lures the sword to Regina, she refuses to hurt Henry, causing Princess Emma to magically freeze Prince Henry and the sword. She tells Regina that she remembers her past and agrees to get back to Storybrooke. The two goes to a nearby lake where Regina tells Princess Emma that she made a deal with Rumplestiltskin for a magic bean. As Princess Emma voices concern over Regina's action, Rumplestiltskin arrives and hands over a magic bean to Regina and manifests away. Regina and Princess Emma opens a portal using the magic bean, but below they get to use it, Robin of Loxley shots an arrow towards Regina, starling her. Regina, after seeing Robin, refuses to enter the portal, thinking that Robin is real. The portal closes, leaving Regina and Princess Emma trapped in the Wish Realm. ("Wish You Were Here")

Robin continues to ask for the jewels from Princess Emma and Regina, with Regina still skeptical of Robin's presence. Princess Emma tells Regina that Robin isn't real and Regina hands over her necklace to Robin. From the woods, Prince Henry and the Royal Knights approaches the shore on the hunt for Regina, who they think is the Evil Queen. After Robin flees, Princess Emma and Regina hides behind some tree barks while Prince Henry and the knights search the place. Prince Henry claims that the Queen had crossed the river and that they have to capture her for the murder of his grandparents and for the kidnapping of his mother. After Prince Henry and the knights leave, Princess Emma tells Regina her plan to get back to Storybrooke. They seek Pinocchio, and Princess Emma tells him about her life in another world, hoping he would believe her. Upon knowing that he does, Regina joins them and discusses about the possibility of carving a wooden wardrobe similar to the one carved by Geppetto to travel realms. While Pinocchio and Princess Emma discusses, Regina leaves a written letter for Princess Emma and leaves to the woods to find Robin. Regina makes her way to a bar in Nottingham and proceeds to speak with Robin. The other bar patrons scatters away in fear, thinking Regina is the Evil Queen. Regina has a brief conversation with Robin, hoping to find out if his life was better after the banishment of the Evil Queen, which it was. Sadly, Regina attempts to leave the bar, but is caught by the Sheriff of Nottingham who places a magical bracelet on her wrist to render her magic. Regina and Robin is captured and placed into a carriage cage. ("Tougher Than the Rest")



  • The Wish Realm only existed after the Evil Queen (Serum) made her wish which created a duplicate version of the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants.
  • The Wish Realm is not an alternate world or universe and is indeed a real location with real inhabitants.



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