Poseidon's Boneyard
Poseidon's Boneyard
Fairy Tale Land Realm
General Information
Status : Existing
Ruler : King Poseidon
Sea Witch (Formerly)
Appearances Infromation
First : "A Tale of Two Sisters"
Latest : "Fall"

Poseidon's Boneyard is a realm in Fairy Tale Land featured on Once Upon a Time.



Before First Curse

Sometime ago, King Poseidon's wife was killed by pirates in the seas. Since then, King Poseidon had been craving for revenge on the pirates. One day, he uses his daughter, Ursula, to lure Captain Hook and his crew so that he could kill them. This however backfired as Ursula wishes no harm to the pirates. She then steals a magic bracelet from the King to walk on land. She then begins singing at a pub to earn gold to travel to Glowerhaven. Her singing caught the attention of Captain Hook and offers her a ride to Glowerhaven. After finding out that Hook plans to take his daughter, the King makes a deal with Hook, trap Ursula's singing voice in an enchanted shell for squid ink. At first, he declines, but later, in order to hurt the King, Hook takes Ursula's singing voice. Angered by the betrayal of Hook and her father's actions, she takes her father's trident and turned herself into a powerful Sea Witch, taking over the realm from her father.

Years later, after Snow White jumps into the ocean to evade Queen Regina's black knights, Ariel saves her. The two befriends as Ariel tells Snow about her plans in meeting Prince Eric. After attending the ball at the Prince's castle, she seeks Ursula, the Goddess of the Sea for guidance. She was then visited by the Evil Queen in-disguise as the Goddess. She gives Ariel a magical bracelet which can give legs forever, but someone else would have to take her place as a mermaid. She then gives it to Snow so that she could use the mermaid magic and travel far away from the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen then interrupts them, claiming that she was never the true Goddess and had trapped Snow. Ariel then stabs the Queen's neck with a fork and removes the bracelet from Snow's wrist and escapes together. Sometime later, Ariel arrives at the docks near Prince Eric's kingdom, hoping to join him in his travel to Agrabah. As she tries to call out for him, she notices that she is mute. Nearby, the Evil Queen teals Ariel that she had taken her voice as punishment. In tears, Ariel returns home into the ocean. Arriving home at the Dark Palace, the Queen was visited by the Goddess of the Sea through the magic mirror, warning her to never impersonate as the Goddess ever again.

During this time, Queen Gerda of Arendelle and her husband, the King was returning home from their trip to the Enchanted Forest. They got caught in a storm nearby Poseidon's Boneyard and died when got shipwrecked.

Years later, after Ursula got send to the Land Without Magic through a portal by accident, King Poseidon got a hold of the realm again.

After Second Curse

More than 30 years later, Anna and Kristof, after got captured by Black Beard and Prince Hans, were sentenced to death at Poseidon's Boneyard. They were later saved when Elsa used a wishing star in Storybrooke which opened a portal and send them both to Storybrooke.

Sometime later, Ariel travels to this realm from Storybrooke to retrieve King Poseidon. After fixing the conflict issues with Ursula, they return home to this realm.


Current Inhabitants

 (*) Indicates Status Unknown

Former Inhabitants

(†) Indicates Deceased Inhabitant



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