New Fairy Tale Land
New Fairy Tale Land
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Status : Merged
Ruler : Various
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First : "The Final Battle, Part 1"[1]
Latest : "Leaving Storybrooke"
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New Fairy Tale Land[2] is a world featured on Once Upon a Time.


(Requires history for 7x15 - 7x20 ; Note: 7x15 only lacks Drizella's initiation into the Coven of the Eight)

Before First Curse

During a harsh winter, Rapunzel trespasses into Gothel's garden to steal some herbs for her ill husband. Gothel catches Rapunzel stealing and decides to make a deal with her in a ploy to determine if Rapunzel is pure enough to be the Guardian. Rapunzel agrees to give Gothel anything, in return for her family's happiness. Pleased with the deal, Gothel sprinkles some magical dust onto Rapunzel that manifests her away to an isolated tower. As Gothel taunts her, Rapunzel shouts for Marcus, Anastasia, and Drizella for help, but Gothel leads the family to think that Rapunzel had died by placing Rapunzel's coat at her garden. Years pass, and Marcus falls in love with a women named Cecelia. They eventually gets married and Marcus gifts Cecelia a locket which shows their undying love. Via this marriage, Marcus also gains a step-daughter: Ella. Marcus' daughter Drizella also warms up to Cecelia, treating her as her own mother, but Anastasia refuses to give up on Rapunzel. ("Pretty in Blue", "One Little Tear")

One day, while playing hide-and-seek with Anastasia, Drizella gets lost in the woods. As she searches for Anastasia, she notices a flying lantern which leads her back to Anastasia. Anastasia confines to Drizella that their sisterly bond is magical and strong when they are together, and they can always use it to find their way home. ("Sisterhood")

As days turns into years, Rapunzel is led to believe that she will never escape the tower. One night, Rapunzel notices flying lanterns in the sky and figures a way to free herself. By using her long, thick hair as a rope, Rapunzel climbs down the tower swiftly and escapes from Gothel's garden. Returning home to her manor, Rapunzel finds that Marcus had remarried with a step-daughter of his own. Despite this, Rapunzel is allowed to stay at the manor, but as a servant. One day, during tea with her daughters, Rapunzel tries to get Drizella to warm up to her, but receives a cold welcome, unlike Anastasia. Marcus visits them and sends the girls back to the manor to talk to Rapunzel. He gifts Rapunzel her coat to show that he still loves her, but mentions that he has commitments to Cecelia and Ella too. After Marcus leaves, Gothel pays Rapunzel a visit, angered that Rapunzel broke their deal. However, Gothel decides to take advantage of the situation by giving Rapunzel a poisoned mushroom from New Wonderland to eliminate Cecelia. Rapunzel, refused to poison an innocent, throws the mushroom into a fire, but Gothel conjures another for Rapunzel to use if the time ever comes. ("One Little Tear")

On Drizella's birthday, Rapunzel gets a cold remark from Drizella after gifting her gift, but witness Drizella warmly hugging Cecelia after receiving her gift. Upon hearing Drizella calling Cecelia "mother", Rapunzel angrily returns to her chamber and decides to use the poisoned mushroom on Cecelia. She pours a few drops of the poison into Cecelia's drink, causing Cecelia to be cursed with a poisoned heart which becomes deadly if she is with her loved ones. In order to protect her family, Cecelia runs away to New Wonderland, with Marcus chasing after her to bring her home. After a year, Marcus' locket stops glowing as Cecelia had stopped loving him, prompting him to return home to Rapunzel. For some time, the family, including Ella, lives a happy life. One winter, as the girls build a snowman, Anastasia and Ella falls into the cold lake after the thin ice cracked. Marcus dived in and saved Ella first before rescuing Anastasia, which angered Rapunzel. With Anastasia on the brink of death, Rapunzel brings the girl to Gothel to save her. Gothel saves Anastasia's last breath and reveals that Rapunzel had failed her test, but intends to use Anastasia to take her place as the Guardian instead, this time with the tower being escape-proof. To prevent Gothel from locking Anastasia away in the tower, Rapunzel steal's Gothel's magical dust and use it against Gothel instead, trapping her in her own tower, with the only way out is to replace herself with a bloodline of hers. ("Eloise Gardener", "One Little Tear")

Rapunzel’s marriage with Marcus worsens since Anastasia’s fall. Hoping for an out, Rapunzel works with a Prince and murders Marcus. With Marcus dead, Rapunzel takes over the manor and forces Ella to work as a servant for her family. Rapunzel, now going by the name of Lady Tremaine, keeps Anastasia’s body preserved in a coffin with plans to awaken her using a pure heart ("Hyperion Heights", "The Garden of Forking Paths", "Wake Up Call")

After Third Curse

From the Wish Realm, Hook and Smee comes to the New Enchanted Forest to look for some powerful magic to defeat Rumplestiltskin. With the Evil Queen’s guidance and a map, they find themselves at the bottom of a tower. Believing the item he seeks is in the tower, Hook scales the pavement to a window atop the tower and finds a women named Rapunzel. Rapunzel tells him that she was trapped in the tower by a Witch, but a magical flower can free her. Thinking the flower is the item he’s seeking, Hook agrees to help Rapunzel. Hook and Smee goes into Gothel’s garden to seek the flower, but are attacked by a giant Gnome. In order to defeat the Gnome, Hook locates the flower and pulls it from the ground, causing the Gnome to shatter into pieces. With the flower in his possession, Hook asks Smee to return to the Wish Realm while he visits Rapunzel. With both Hook and Rapunzel falling for each other, they make love. The next day, Hook finds that Rapunzel has a baby hidden away in the tower and finds out that Rapunzel is actually Gothel. Gothel reveals to Hook that Rapunzel had escaped years ago, turning the tables on her with the only way out is to replace herself with her own bloodline: the baby which she had with Hook through their love making session. As she used magic to speed up her pregnancy, Gothel is finally able to leave the tower and decides to leave the baby to fend by itself. Hook stays behind to take care of their daughter, naming the child after his deceased mother, Alice. ("Eloise Gardener")

One night, still trapped in the tower, Alice has a nightmare in which Gothel shows up and pushes her father, Hook, out of the tower's window. Immediately waking up from her nightmare, Hook consoles her, promising to end her nightmare once and for all. Hook then hands Alice a white knight chess piece while he takes the black rook as a sign that they will always be together. Hoping to free Alice from the tower, Hook goes to the Wish Realm to speak to Rumplestiltskin. After spending some time there, Hook returns with Maui's Fish Hook, an enchanted talisman which can destroy the tower. However, when Alice and Hook tries to embrace one another, Hook flings aways, with his heart turning bright green. Gothel then shows up at the tower, and taunts Hook about poisoning him with the Curse of the Poisoned Heart. She then sends Hook to the bottom of the tower before teleporting there herself. Pleased with separating Alice from her father, Gothel takes Maui's Fish Hook from Hook, knowing that he can never free Alice from her captivity as Alice cries out for her father. ("Knightfall")

After Fourth Curse

After his grandparents' death and his mother's disappearance in the hands of Regina Mills, Prince Henry of the Wish Realm[3] travels to New Fairy Tale Land hoping to find a new story for himself. During his time here, he befriends a Princess, and slowly falls in love with her. However, she is inflicted with a sleeping curse and is placed deep in a cave, guarded by a dragon. Hoping to win her over, Henry, on horseback, goes to the cave and fights off the dragon, but the dragon plunges Henry away. Before the dragon can do more harm to Henry, a Prince shows up and kills the dragon. Once the dragon is dead, the Prince gives true love's kiss to the Princess, waking her up from her curse. As she thanks her savior, she notices Henry and questions his presence at the cave. Henry states that was nearby in the area and wanted to help. The Princess thanks Henry for his help and leaves the cave with her Prince, noting that Henry is like a brother to her. Disappointed with the outcome, Henry exits the cave and runs into Rumplestiltskin of the Wish Realm. Rumplestiltskin wishes to make a deal with Henry, but Henry wishes to not associate with him and his plans. Angered with his decision, Rumplestiltskin threatens Henry before manifesting away. ("Homecoming")

After sometime, Prince Henry thinks about Rumplestiltskin of the Wish Realm's deal and wonders if he should align himself with Rumplestiltskin. Giving much thought about it, he decides to return to the Wish Realm to accept Rumplestiltskin's deal. ("Homecoming")

Before Fifth Curse

Years after traveling the realms, Henry ends up in New Fairy Tale Land. During his time here, he meets a fighter named Jack in the New Enchanted Forest and the two becomes close friends. During their time together, Henry talks about his life at a place called Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic to Jack. During their time together, they also end up in a fight with giants and narrowly wins. ("Pretty in Blue")

Via a spyglass, Alice observes the stars and deduces that it is her seventeenth birthday. With Hook no longer around, Alice celebrates her birthday with her stuffed animals. She lights the candle of her cupcake and wishes that she would be freed from the tower before blowing the candle. After her wish, Alice looks at her surrounding, hoping for a change, but nothing happens. She then feels the tower shaking, with the roof of the tower being ripped out. A Troll appears in her view and offers his hand to Alice, freeing her from her captivity. Once freed, the Troll part ways with Alice. ("The Girl in the Tower")

When the King of the New Enchanted Forest raises taxes in the realm, Queen Eudora and Princess Tiana is forced to auction off their prized possessions in order to survive. During the auction, Tiana notices Drizella admiring her father's war medal and quickly takes it away, cautioning Drizella that the medal is not for sale. Not satisfied with their current situation, Tiana listens to her mother's advise on finding a suitor and heads to a nearby village where she encounters Dr. Facilier in his tent. Dr. Facilier tells her to find the "Red Crow", which turned out to be the name of a tavern. Tiana is ambushed by the tavern visitors for her earrings, and is saved by a man. The man introduces himself as Prince Marias, who invites her for dinner. Tiana then brings him over to her castle and tells him about her family's problem as he admires her father's war medal. Marias agrees to help her, but once Tiana has her back turned, he steals the medal and tries to escape the castle. Tiana catches him in the act and stops him, finding out that he isn't new a real Prince. Marias reveals himself as Robert, who is working for Dr. Facilier as Dr. Facilier is keeping his true love captive in frog-form. Tiana chases him away and receives console from Eudora, prompting her to return to Dr. Facilier's tent to confront him. Tiana agrees to give him the war medal in-exchange for the frog. Dr. Facilier, however, does not want to break off the deal as he wishes to keep the medal and the frog. Tiana immediately threatens him with a sword, but Dr. Facilier responds by using a voodoo doll he made in her likeness to injure her. Tiana is able to rescue the frog, but Dr. Facilier uses his magic to escape with the medal. Tiana then returns the frog to Robert and suggests that he and his lover joins her resistance, but after seeing him giving true love's kiss to the frog which turned him into one, Tiana realizes that Robert isn't human and decides to let him be. Robert and his lover then leaps into the nearby pond and swims away while Tiana gets ready to be a spy at an upcoming ball that will be held at the King's castle. ("Greenbacks")

Feeling that he has been away from Storybrooke for quite sometime, Henry decides that he should return to Storybrooke while Jack decides to head over to Agrabah in Fairy Tale Land for a new adventure. With that, the two part ways. ("Pretty in Blue")

Since the death of Belle, Rumplestiltskin decides to find the Guardian to free himself from the Dark One’s dagger and reunite with her in the afterlife. His search for the Guardian leads him to the New Enchanted Forest where he encounters Alice chasing a white rabbit. As Alice scolds him for letting the rabbit run off, Henry passes by them in his motorcycle. Alice remarks about the strangeness of the man, who she assumes is attending the Royal Ball, and questions Rumplestiltskin if he was too. Rumplestiltskin clarifies that he is in this realm looking for someone else, intriguing Alice as she introduces herself. ("Beauty")

While riding his motorcycle, Henry accidentally collides with Ella’s carriage, scaring Felipe off. Feeling guilty for destroying Ella’s carriage, Henry decides to give her a lift to her destination: the Royal Ball at the King’s castle. Ella agrees and hops on the motorcycle and requests a short lesson about the motorcycle’s functions. Fulling understanding Henry’s explanation on how to work the vehicle, Ella beats down Henry and steals the motorcycle and Henry’s pocket knife with hopes to murder a Prince at the ball. Princess Tiana also makes her way to the ball in order to spy on the Prince as part of her mission in the resistance. Meanwhile, Lady Tremaine captures Ella’s Fairy Godmother, cuts off her wings, and takes away her wand as punishment for aiding Ella. Lady Tremaine calls for Drizella into the chamber and warns her that magic does not bring fear as it can be taken, but makes an exception by using the wand to turn the Fairy Godmother into dust. She then takes Drizella to the ball with hopes that the Prince would choose Drizella as a suitor. Henry also makes his way to the ball after finding out that Ella had stolen his pocket knife. He arrives in just a nick of time to persuade Ella to give up her plan of revenge, but Ella declines. Before Henry gets to follow her, he collapses onto the floor after he was drugged by one of the servants at the castle. Henry is brought to an underground cave while Ella confronts the Price for murdering her step-father. Ella tries to kill him, but her inner conscience refuses, leading to Lady Tremaine to kill the Prince instead for not choosing Drizella as his suitor. Lady Tremaine warns the Royal Guards that Ella had murdered the Prince. At the underground cave, the servant reveals herself to Henry as Alice. She tells him that Rumplestiltskin sent her to prevent him from mixing into other people’s stories as there will be consequences, but Henry decides to take a chance. He returns to the castle and helps Ella escape the castle, with plans to meet up deep in the forest at midnight to escape the realm. ("Hyperion Heights", "Greenbacks")

Ella reaches the meet up point before Henry and encounters the Royal Guards. Ella attacks the guards, who are also ambushed by Princess Tiana. Tiana introduces herself to Ella as the leader of a resistance who are protesting against the Royal Family and Lady Tremaine. Forming an alliance, Tiana tells Ella that the Prince did not work alone to kill her father, revealing Lady Tremaine’s role in the murder. After hearing this, Ella decides to join Tiana’s resistance. Ella leaves behind her glass slipper for Henry to find and heads off with Tiana to the resistance’s campsite. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Via on horseback, Henry goes to the meet up location while being chased by Lady Tremaine and the Royal Guards. He finds one of Ella’s glass slipper and assumes that she’s in trouble. A portal opens for Storybrooke, but Henry decides to stay behind to find Ella, naming the situation as "Operation Glass Slipper". Moments after, Henry is surrounded by Lady Tremaine and the guards and is questioned by Lady Tremaine on Ella’s whereabouts. Knowing his fate, Henry uses the magic bottle given to him by Hook back in Storybrooke to call out Regina, Emma, and Hook for help. The guards captures Henry and brings him to Lady Tremaine’s manor, where Lady Tremaine shows him Ella’s chamber. Lady Tremaine orders Drizella to torture Henry to give up the glass slipper’s whereabout before proceeding out of the chamber. Once Lady Tremaine is gone, Drizella uses her dagger to threaten him, but is interrupted by Regina and Hook. They defeat the guards and Drizella before freeing Henry. Together, they retreat to the forest while Henry questions Emma’s whereabout. Henry also asks Regina’s help in locating Ella, but Regina finds that her magic does not work in this realm. Hook offers his services by going to a nearby tavern at the New Enchanted Forest port. At the same time, an alternate version of Hook comes to the New Enchanted Forest from the Wish Realm after hearing Henry’s plea for help through his version of the magic bottle. The alternate Hook meets his lookalike at a tavern, who was there searching for information on Ella. The alternate Hook knocks out his lookalike and draws his blood. He then goes to Lady Tremaine, who isn’t fond of seeing him again after their encounter in the past. Via a deal to get Henry out of her realm, Lady Tremaine uses the blood of the original Hook and the Fairy Godmother’s wand to bring back the alternate Hook’s youth. The alternate Hook then assumes the role of his lookalike and joins Regina and Henry at Henry’s cabin and suggests that the trio return to Storybrooke. He hands Henry a forged note from Ella which notes that she does not love him, upsetting Henry. As Hook tries to console Henry, Emma arrives in the realm. She surprises Henry with her pregnancy announcement. Feeling guilty for separating his lookalike from his unborn child, Hook hurries back to the tavern and ends up in a fight with the real Hook. Hook stabs his alternate version during the fight, and on his death bed, Hook questions him the reason for trying to masquerade him. The alternate Hook reveals that a Witch locked his daughter in a tower, and that he needed Emma’s help. During their conversation, Emma arrives and tries to heal the alternate Hook, but finds her magic unusable. Emma persuades the alternate Hook to use his beliefs which briefly returns Emma’s magic, allowing her to heal him. The trio then returns to Henry’s cabin, where Emma convinces the alternate Hook and Henry to team up to find Ella and the alternate Hook’s daughter. Henry also persuades Regina to stay with him in the New Enchanted Forest. After catching up, Emma and the real Hook decides to return to Storybrooke. Bidding farewell to Henry, Regina, and the alternate Hook, Emma and Hook returns home. ("Hyperion Heights", "A Pirate's Life")

At the resistance campsite, Princess Tiana introduces Ella to Jeremiah, a resistance member who is ready to devote himself to the cause, and informs Ella that Lady Tremaine has moved an item of importance into her manor while showing Ella a picture of it. Despite knowing what it is, Ella lies and pretends that she had never seen it before. They are then joined by Henry, Hook, and Regina, who Tiana believes the latter can prove valuable in their fight against Lady Tremaine due to knowing magic. That night, Ella returns to her home and confronts Lady Tremaine for murdering her father. At the same time, she also finds Anastasia’s coffin, the item which picture Tiana had. The two casually talk about Anastasia’s death and how Ella was responsible for it. Lady Tremaine uses the Fairy Godmother’s wand and enchants Ella’s glove and offers a deal to Ella: bring to her Henry’s heart to resurrect Anastasia or the death of the resistance. In a dilemma, Ella returns to the campsite and tries to rip Henry’s heart out, but couldn’t do so. Instead, she decides to rip Jeremiah’s heart, but Regina stops her. The next day, Ella tries to runaway from the campsite, and is caught by Regina. The two has a heart-to-heart conversation, with Ella revealing her past with Lady Tremaine. Regina suggests to Ella that the only way to fight back is to use forgiveness, prompting Ella to stay with the resistance, just in time to warn them about Lady Tremaine’s plot, and eventually put the resistance’s plan on hold. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Sometime afterwards, nearby the resistance campsite, as Henry teaches Ella the basics of his motorcycle, they are ambushed by thieves who wants Henry's motorcycle. Henry and Ella fights off the thieves when Regina suddenly appears and readies to help, but Henry assures her that he and Ella can take care of the situation. Feeling that Henry does not need her help anymore, Regina takes a stroll into the forest to a nearby crumbled tower. Regina witnesses a hooded figure getting attacked by veins and saves the person, only to discover that the hooded figure is Drizella. Drizella confesses to Regina that she is searching for magic to defeat her mother as she does not want to fear nor take orders her mother anymore. Regina also learns that Drizella was born with magic, but Lady Tremaine forbids Drizella from ever developing her magic and agrees to help train Drizella. After a series of failures, Drizella’s talents finally come through when she rescues Regina from a falling tower that Regina purposely orchestra's. During the training, Rumplestiltskin visits Regina and reminds her about her past life as the Evil Queen and her complicated relationship with Cora and compares the sitatuion to Drizella and Lady Tremaine's. Heeding those words, Regina spies on Lady Tremaine and learns that Lady Tremaine intends to use Drizella's heart to resurrect Anastasia, after the failed attempt to use Henry's. Drizella learns about this and head over to the King's castle to alert Prince Gregor. Regina suspects that Drizella plan she to kill her mother and heads over to Lady Tremaine's manor. Drizella, alongside with Gregor, confronts Lady Tremaine of her wrongdoings near Anastasia's coffin. As Gregor releases his sword to attack Lady Tremaine, Regina freezes him and pleads with Drizella to not do the same mistake she did years ago in the Enchanted Forest. Drizella then reveals that she never intended to kill her mother, instead, she uses magic and kills Gregor, darkening her heart so that Lady Tremaine can never use it for Anastasia. Drizella then warns Lady Tremaine that she will cast the Dark Curse, after learning about it from Regina during her training, to make Lady Tremaine suffer before manifesting away. Regretting for ever training Drizella, Regina returns to the resistance campsite and bonds with Henry while mentioning about the situation she's in. ("Wake Up Call")

The following day, Regina talks about her time near the crumbled tower to Hook, who looks distraught upon hearing about it. As they talk, Hook is reunited with his daughter, Alice, who believes that they have been cured from the Curse of the Poisoned Heart thanks to an enchantress. As Hook and Alice embraces for a hug, they are thrown backwards with Hook's heart glowing green. Realizing that she had been tricked by the enchantress and feeling guilty for hurting her father, Alice runs away from the group to a nearby portal to New Wonderland. While Regina tends to an injured Hook, Henry and Ella follows after Alice through the portal to bring her home. While Henry and Ella spends time in New Wonderland, a man claiming to know Henry arrives at the resistance campsite and meets with Princess Tiana. Meanwhile, Drizella finds a way to get herself to New Wonderland to curse Henry with New Wonderland's mushroom, but fails and is sent back to the New Enchanted Forest via a looking glass. Henry and Ella also returns afterwards with Alice's knight chess piece which is then given to Hook as a sign that he and Alice will be reunited in the future. As they both leave Hook's tent, they are met with Tiana and the man, who is revealed as Jack. Henry introduces Jack to Tiana and Ella while letting Jack know that he is in a relationship with the latter. ("Pretty in Blue")

Ella gives birth to a baby girl and Henry announces the child's name: Lucy, in front of their friends Hook, Princess Tiana, and Jack. During the announcement, Drizella shows up unexpectedly and warns them about the upcoming Dark Curse that she will cast. However, Drizella is turned into stone by Lady Tremaine, who is working with the heroes after eventually being defeated by the resistance. ("The Eighth Witch", "A Taste of the Heights")

Since Lady Tremaine's defeat, Princess Tiana returns to her kingdom to await her coronation. On her coronation day, Queen Eudora, Ella, Regina, and Henry surrounds Tiana to talk about their victory during their time in the resistance. As they talk, Dr. Facilier interrupts the occasion with tarot cards, revealing Tiana and the kingdom's fate during her reign by claiming that a fearsome beast is ravaging throughout the land. Tiana, wanting to investigate his claims, travels into the woods with Hook and Ella and finds a destroyed site. While they check the ruins, they are joined by a man who is also hunting the beast, known as the Alligator. He introduces himself as Prince Naveen, from the realm of Maldonia, and claims that his enchanted spear is the only item that can kill the Alligator. Originally not wanting to have an alliance with him, Tiana decides that it's best for the kingdom to hunt down the beast together. As they travel, they come across an injured villager. Tiana asks Hook and Ella to tend to the villlager's injuries while she and Naveen would hunt down the Alligator. Via on boat, the two stay stationary above an ocean awaiting for the beast. As they wait, Naveen reveals his intention for hunting the beast: for killing his brother. While Naveen tells his tale, Tiana notices a necklace that bears resemblance to Dr. Facilier's and assumes Naveen is working for him. As she confronts Naveen with a paddle, the Alligator rocks the boat, causing Naveen to fall in. The Alligator attacks Naveen underneath the sea, brutally injuring him, but Tiana kills the Alligator before more harm could be done. At the brink of death, Naveen is brought to Dr. Facilier by Tiana for help. Before he helps them, he conjures a necklace from the belly of the deceased Alligator, noting that the beast swallowed it sometime ago. He then cures Naveen, but transport him away until Naveen is able to pay his debt. Defeated, Tiana returns home and gets ready for the coronation. She invites Hook, Henry, Regina, and Ella to stay with her at her castle and escorts all but Regina, who would join them later, into the coronation chamber. Once everyone left, Regina calls out for Dr. Facilier, who was hiding on the balcony. He reveals to Regina the necklace he saved, which was Regina's back in the Enchanted Forest as the two talk about their past. Slowly, the two embrace for a kiss. ("A Taste of the Heights")

A year since Lucy’s birth, Gothel kidnaps Robin from Storybrooke and brings her to the New Enchanted Forest. Using Cora’s spell book, Zelena learns about Gothel and comes to the New Enchanted Forest to save Robin. Zelena ends up in Tiana’s castle and runs into Regina. Zelena blames Regina for Robin’s disappearance as she was the one who gave Robin the spell book. When Regina offers to help Zelena search for Robin, Zelena declines, having enough of Regina. As she leaves the castle, Hook decides to tag along to confront Gothel. Using a map, Hook tracks down a clocked Memento Mori and believes there’s where Robin is held captive. With proper accuracy, Hook and Zelena enters the building and finds Gothel and a talking crystal ball named Madame Leota. Leota uses her magic to cloak the door, trapping Hook and Zelena in it. She then blasts lighting towards Hook to scare them, but Robin interferes and stops her. Robins confess to Zelena that she was not kidnapped, that she chose to stay with Gothel to develop her powers. Gothel offers Robin to choose between her or Zelena, and Robin chose the latter. Upset, Zelena leaves with Hook, believing that reasoning will not work with Robin. Once gone, Gothel attempts to teach Robin a resurrection ritual by making her stand on a pentagram. Gothel then uses a resurrection amulet and starts the ritual while revealing that it was a ploy to get Robin to sacrifice herself to free Leota from the crystal ball. The amulet drains away Robin’s magic, and slowly, her life. Zelena, after getting a prep talk from Hook, decides to return to Memento Mori to get back Robin. Witnessing the ritual, Zelena decides to replace herself in Robin’s place, but the ritual fails after Robin uses an enchanted bow to push the amulet off Gothel’s hands. Aware of the bow’s magic, Gothel and Leota manifests away. Once Robin is save, Hook returns to Tiana’s caste while Zelena and Robin make amends. Robin decides that she’s better with archery then magic and offers Zelena the amulet to gain hers. The two then decides to stay in the New Enchanted Forest. ("Secret Garden")

One day, while at a campsite, Robin notices a women spying on them and confronts the women, who quickly runs away before getting caught in a trap set by Robin. The women introduces herself as Alice, Hook's daughter and claims she was not spying, only checking on her father. Robin releases her and moments afterwards, they both hear a fearsome growl from a nearby village. Robin tells Alice that there is a Troll destroying villages in the realm and leaves Alice with intentions to hunt it down. Alice, believing the Troll is harmless by remembering the time the Troll freed her from her captivity, decides to follow Robin. She finds Robin at a tavern and tries to convince Robin that the Troll is harmless, but Robin does not listen to her. Instead, Robin enters the tavern to find wounded villagers from the Troll attack. A leader of a mob, Clayton, notices that Robin has a weapon and asks her to stay behind to protect the women and children as his mob would go after the Troll, but Robin refuses, hoping to join his mob. Alice hears their conversation and interrupts them, telling them that the Troll is her friends and she will not let them harm it. Believing Alice is delusional, Clayton orders his men to lock away Alice and Robin, believing the two is conspiring with one another before leaving for the Troll. While in shackles, Robin talks about her life in Storybrooke to Alice and the time she hot-wired Emma's bug, which gives her an idea to free herself. However, knowing that Alice would get in her way, Robin decides to leave Alice in the cell. As Robin tracks down the mob, Alice finds a way to free herself and catches up on Robin's track. Robin crashes Clayton's mob gathering and aligns with him to kill the Troll, but Alice shows up to stop them, angering the mob. Robin, having a soft spot for Alice, decides to shield Alice as the mob approach her. Wishing for a way out, Alice unknowingly conjures a replica of Emma's bug in the woods, and uses it to escape the mob with Robin. The two drive away to Alice's former prison: the tower, where Alice admits that she wanted to go back into confinement, but now intents to experience freedom. Suddenly, the Troll appears and begins breaking apart the tower. Robin theorises that Alice conjured the Troll by wishing for it years back. Knowing what to do, Alice decides to confront the Troll, and forgives him for the troubles he has caused. After Alice forgives him, the Troll consoles Alice before turning into a statue. Alice then joins Robin as they began a new journey together. ("The Girl in the Tower")

On Lucy's eight birthday, Queen Tiana hosts a birthday party at a castle to honour her. As Lucy tries to blow the candles, Gothel arrives with the Witches of the Coven of the Eight. They free Drizella and begins preparations to cast the Dark Curse. Regina visits Zelena and Robin at their farm and seeks help to defeat Drizella and Gothel while Henry and Ella takes extreme measures to protect Lucy from the curse. Henry takes Lucy deep into the forest to find a magical tree which would transport them to the Land Without Magic before the curse is cast. With Tiger Lily's help, Henry locates the tree. Tiger Lily gives Henry an axe belonged to Geppetto to axe down the tree while she takes Lucy to an underground hideout. Hook seeks help from Rumplestiltskin to stop the curse, but finds it impossible. Instead, Rumplestiltskin gifts Hook a white elephant which will prevent the separation of his loved ones once the curse is cast. Hook then tries to speak to Alice, but she stays away from him because of their own curse. She gives him a letter to be given to Robin. While Henry axes the tree, the Witches ambushes Henry, prompting him to return to his hideout. Henry asks Lucy to get back to the castle with the Once Upon a Time book while he battles them. After the fight, Henry and the Witches disappears as Lucy finds the wreckage. With Tiger Lily's guidance, Lucy heads back to the castle to warn the others. Ella proposes a plan to take down Drizella by teaming up with Regina and Zelena. Atop a mountain, the Witches gathers for the casting of the curse, but is visited by Lady Tremaine. She mocks Drizella's motherly love towards Gothel before being put to sleep by Drizella. Regina, Zelena, Hook, Ella, and Jack ambushes their coven, but Gothel reveals a poisoned Henry to them while Drizella advices Regina to cast the curse to save her son as it is the only way. Using Regina's blood, the Witches casts the curse which spreads throughout the realm. Afraid that Ella and Lucy would get separated by the curse, Hook gifts Ella the white elephant. Robin reunites with Alice after receiving her letter and passionly kiss, with Rumplestiltskin standing nearby as the curse consumes them while at Tiana's castle, Tiana holds on to Lucy as the curse consumes them too. ("The Final Battle, Part 1", "The Final Battle, Part 2", "The Eighth Witch")

During Fifth Curse

After fixing their sisterly bond in the Land Without Magic, Ivy Belfrey decides to bring Anastasia back home to protect her from Eloise Gardener. Using a magic bean given by Mr. Baron Samdi, Ivy and Anastasia returns to the New Enchanted Forest. ("Sisterhood", "Is This Henry Mills?" )

After Fifth Curse

In order to unite all the realms as one, Regina Mills recasts the Dark Curse with a slight variation. The curse spreads into New Fairy Tale Land, ripping everyone and everything, destroying the realm. New Fairy Tale Land then merges with other realms which forms the United Realms. ("Leaving Storybrooke")



Maldonia is a realm in New Fairy Tale Land.

Known Kingdoms

  • Prince Naveen’s Kingdom (currently ruled by Prince Naveen's family)

New Enchanted Forest

The New Enchanted Forest is a realm in New Fairy Tale Land. It is currently ruled by the King.

Known Kingdoms

  • Capital of the New Enchanted Forest (currently ruled by the King)
  • Queen Tiana’s Kingdom (formerly ruled by Queen Tiana)

Ways of Travelling

  • Regina Mills' variation of the Dark Curse is able to transport everyone and everything to a newly created realm.