Fairy Tale Land Realm
General Information
Status : Existing
Ruler : Queen Merida
King Fergus (Formerly)
Appearances Infromation
First : "The Bear and the Bow"
Latest : "The Bear King"

DunBroch is a realm in Fairy Tale Land featured on Once Upon a Time.


DunBroch is a realm in Fairy Tale Land which is divided into clans, each with its own leader. Each of the clans are under the ruling of the King or Queen of clan DunBroch, who is also the ruler of the realm. The inhabitants of the realm, especially men, do not believe that a women can rule the realm and always expects a King instead of a Queen. Their perception changes after Merida becomes the Queen.

Witchcraft, just like the rest of the land, is common in DunBroch but isn't as powerful as in the Enchanted Forest. The inhabitants in the realm do not practice magic much and rely on physical strength to fight battles. The only known practitioner of magic in DunBroch is the Witch, but it has been proven that her magic has a limit and isn't much powerful as it's shown that her specialty is turning her victims into animals, notably bears.

Just like the other parts of Fairy Tale Land, DunBroch was affected by the Evil Queen's curse, but only indirectly. The curse froze the inhabitants in time for twenty-eight years and awakens when the curse is weakened in 2011. Despite the year gap, the inhabitants aren't aware that much time has passed due to the lack of information about the curse which is widely known throughout the Enchanted Forest.


Before First Curse

One day, a Witch curses Queen Elinor, turning her into a bear. Merida, her daughter, later somehow reverses the curse and turned Queen Elinor back to human form.

After First Curse

Twenty-eight years later, King Fergus visits the Witch's cottage, seeking help from her to defeat the enemies from the neighbouring realm. The Witch gives the King an Enchanted Helm which can be used to control the men into participating themselves in war. During the battle, King Fergus was killed by a knight, later known as King Arthur. Merida was later ruled unfit to rule the land by the other clans. They exiled her mother and kidnaps her brothers. She then sets out to find them.

After Second Curse

Two years later, Red Lucas travels from Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest to search for wolves. Unable to find any, she seeks help from the Witch of DunBroch, but the Witch turns her into her own personal guard wolf.

Before Third Curse

Sometime later, Merida accidentally steals a boat belonging to King Arthur and ends up being held as a prisoner in Camelot. She is later freed by Merlin. She then kidnaps Belle, seeking her help in finding her brothers. They both travels to the Witch's cottage and creates a spell to locate her brothers and later a potion which will turn Merida into a bear. She then travels to the location where her brothers are being help captive. Unable to use the potion as Belle swapped it with water, Merida uses her archery skills to save her brothers and won back the clan's respect.

During her coronation, the Witch arrives, seeking for the Enchanted Helm that she once gave to King Fergus, threatening to turn everyone into bears if Merida failed to return it by sundown. After seeking help from Mulan, Merida sets to find the helm. They then runs into King Arthur and Zelena, who were also looking for the lost helm. Merida gives up and returns home to her castle. Mulan later encounters the wolf at the Witch's cottage and turns it back to Red. Both Mulan and Red returned to Merida and continued the quest. They later fight off against Arthur and Zelena, and Mérida finds out that Arthur was the knight who killed her father. With the help of the other clans leaders, Arthur and Zelena escapes back to Camelot. The Witch then arrives at the castle, seeking for the helm. Merida refuses to give it, claiming that such power must be destroyed. The Witch reveals that this was all a test done by her father years ago and that she passed it. Merida is then crowned Queen of DunBroch.

Sometime later, Merida travels to Camelot, seeking revenge on King Arthur for killing her father. In the woods of Camelot, she come across the Dark Curse, which had been cast by the latest Dark One - Captain Hook. She is taken to Storybrooke by the curse.


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