Fairy Tale Land Realm
General Information
Status : Unknown
Ruler : King Arthur (Formerly)
Sir Mordred (Formerly)
Appearances Infromation
First : "Out of the Past"
Latest : "Broken Heart"

Camelot is a realm in Fairy Tale Land featured on Once Upon a Time.



Camelot is a realm in Fairy Tale Land which is a few days ride away from Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest.

Before First Curse

Thousand years before the age of King Arthur, Merlin and an escaped prisoner, Adda, was running through the desert, where they both finds a cup known as the Holy Grail, filled with water. Adda drinks it, but was then turned into sand. Merlin, after asking permission from the Gods, drinks it and ended up with magic powers, turning the desert into grass.

Five hundred years later, Vortigan attacks a village and kills everyone. Nimue, the only survivor, seeks help from Merlin, now a powerful Sorcerer. Since then, Merlin had fallen in love with Nimue and seeks to be with her forever. They both travels to the site of the Flame of Prometheus for Merlin to contain his powers in Excalibur. They were then attacked by Vortigan and results in Nimue turning into the first ever Dark One, ripping Vortigan's heart and crushing it. In order to contain and control the Dark One, Merlin and his Apprentice creates a dagger. Sometime later, Merlin tries to kill the Dark One, but failed as he still loves her. She then turns Merlin into a tree, trapping him.

Hundreds of years later, while strolling down the village, a young Arthur tells his dreams of someday being King of Camelot to Guinevere.

Sometime later, Jefferson travels from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot to steal treasures at the Royal Castle of Camelot. He meets another thief, Priscilla and before the guards catches them, they both escapes through a portal in his hat.

Years later, in order to be the ruler of Camelot, Arthur, along with Lancelot and Percival travels the realm to find Excalibur. After finding it, Arthur pulls it out of the stone. Although this made him the King, part of the sword were missing. Arthur, now the King, gets obsessed with the sword and its missing piece. In order to resolve the problem for her husband, Guinevere travels to the Enchanted Forest with Lancelot to find the Dark One's vault, seeking the dagger to make Excalibur whole again. After making a deal with Rumplestiltskin, Guinevere returns home with the Sands of Avalon. King Arthur then uses the Sands of Avalon to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Before Third Curse

Thirty-three years later, King Arthur and his knights finds Emma Swan and the other Storybrooke inhabitants in the woods of the Enchanted Forest and brings them to Camelot.





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