General Information
Status : Merged
Ruler : Unknown
Mentions Information
Only : "Breaking Glass"

Asgard[1] is a world mentioned on Once Upon a Time.


Before First Curse

During his Dark One days, Rumplestiltskin pays a visit to Asgard. The Mjolnir hammer,[2] which hails from Asgard, ends up in Rumplestiltskin's possession and is brought over to the Enchanted Forest. ("Skin Deep", "The Snow Queen")

After Fifth Curse

In order to unite all the realms as one, Regina Mills recasts the Dark Curse with a slight variation. The curse spreads into Asgard, ripping everyone and everything, destroying the realm. Asgard then merges with other realms which forms the United Realms. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

Ways of Travelling

  • According to David Nolan, Asgard can be reached by falling through a portal, establishing that one can travel to Asgard via a magic bean.
  • Regina Mills' variation of the Dark Curse is able to transport everyone and everything to a newly created realm.


  • Asgard is based on the realm of the same in the Nine Worlds from the Old Norse religion.
  • It is also based on the realm of the same name from Marvel's Thor and its subsequent sequels.