Fairy Tale Land Realm
General Information
Status : Disappeared
Ruler : Sultan of Agrabah (Formerly)
Appearances Infromation
First : "Trust Me"
Latest : "Street Rats"

Agrabah[1] is a realm in Fairy Tale Land featured on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time.


Agrabah is a realm in Fairy Tale Land which is across the dessert from the Enchanted Forest, notably Prince Eric's kingdom. It is divided into cities[2] with each city ruled by a Sultan, Sultana or both. The ruler of the realm resides at the Capital of Agrabah and commands the other leaders in diplomatic affairs.

Magic is widely known in most of the cities in Agrabah. Most of the inhabitants fear those who practice magic. In such case, the inhabitants scatters away to safety when in contact with a practitioner despite never being in any danger. Their perception of magic is that it is evil and thinks that all practitioners of magic are bad. The realm is also the origin place of the existence of genies capable of making magical wishes. The creation of the genies are loosely connected to the existence of the Water Spirit, Nyx, who resides at Agrabah's Well of Wonders.

Agrabah's status since the casting of the Evil Queen's curse is currently not known but the capital, along with the inhabitants, vanished months before the curse was cast. It is highly assumed that the remaining inhabitants from the other cities froze in time, much like the other parts of Fairy Tale Land.


Before First Curse

Cyrus cheats in a card game and wins, beating the other competitors badly. After returning home with his brothers, he finds that his home has been burned down and his mother, Amara, badly injured by the fire. To cure her, Cyrus and his brothers, Taj and Rafi, goes to the Well of Wonders to get some magical water. After taking some, they return home and gives it to their mother, successfully curing her injury. Immediately, Nyx, the guardian of the Well of Wonders arrives at their home, accusing Taj, Cyrus and Rafi of stealing the water from her well. As punishment, she curses them into genies, trapping them into separate bottle and sends them to various locations throughout Agrabah. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Jafar witness the death of his mother but before passing, she tells him that his real father is the Sultan. In order to make the Sultan acknowledge him, Jafar purposely steals. Brought to the throne room to be punished, the Sultan notices that Jafar has a ring on his finger, figuring out that Jafar is Ulima's son and his bastard son. The Sultan, however, refuses to accept Jafar as his own son. Instead, he makes Jafar into a servant at the Palace. During a diplomatic meeting, Jafar oversteps his boundary when he answers a question meant for Prince Mirza who couldn't answer it. In rage, the Sultan makes Prince Mirza slap Jafar for interfering and later the Sultan drowns Jafar and dumps the body outside of the kingdom. Jafar is later resurrected by an unknown force of magic. ("Bad Blood")

Working as a blacksmith at Agrabah's Marketplace, Jafar witness the market-goers scatters in fear when a powerful sorcerer steps into the marketplace. Seeking revenge against the Sultan, Jafar goes to the sorcerer's house hoping to learn magic. The sorcerer, Amara, agrees to help teach Jafar magic. ("The Serpent")

From Agrabah, a genie ends up at the shores of the Enchanted Forest, where he is found by King Leopold and freed. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

As a grown adult, Jafar continues his lessons with Amara who has not aged. He also ends up in a romantic relationship with Amara. One day, in order to teach Jafar a masking spell, she makes him poison Akil, Jafar's friend. Afterwards, Amara tells Jafar about her plans to change the laws of magic, hoping to gain three genie bottles needed for the spell, not telling him that the genies are actually her sons. ("The Serpent")

Jafar tracks one of the genie bottle to a tavern in Agrabah. As Jafar tries to get the bottle from the Bartender, the Bartender uses his final wish to protect himself from Jafar. After possessing the genie bottle, Jafar lets Amara into the tavern to harm the Bartender. Afterwards, Jafar and Amara discuss about the two genie bottles that are in their possession, with one more left to gain. Jafar tells Amara that he knows the final genie bottle's whereabout, but instead of telling her, Jafar poisons her. Jafar turns Amara into a serpent staff, harnessing her magic to his usage. ("The Serpent")

Becoming a powerful sorcerer, Jafar returns to the Sultan's Palace and confronts the Sultan. He challenges Prince Mirza into a dual, but Prince Mirza backs away, afraid of Jafar. Jafar then kills him and imprisons the Sultan. Jafar then tracks down the last genie bottle to a peddler's home. In order to protect the genie in the bottle, the Peddler uses his wish to send the genie bottle far away from Fairy Tale Land. Angered at the Peddler's action, Jafar chokes him to death. Not being able to obtain the last genie bottle, Jafar travels to the Capital of Agrabah and controls the Sultan of Agrabah, making him the Sultan's Vizier. ("Trust Me", "Bad Blood", "Street Rats")

One day, at the Capital's Marketplace, Jafar punishes a group of thieves by turning them into rats. At the time, Aladdin pickpockets the unaware citizens and rushes for cover after seeing the punishment being carried out. At a safe area, Aladdin counts his findings, only to be interrupted by a women. The women reveals herself as Princess Jasmine, recruiting Aladdin to help her locate the Diamond of the Rough to defeat Jafar from controlling her father, the Sultan of Agrabah. During their conversation, a Red Bird spies on them. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine later travels in the dessert to the Cave of Wonders where they find the diamond to be fake. Instead, the ceiling of the cave collapses on them but before it could hurt them, Aladdin uses magic and shields them from harm. As Aladdin is surprised that he has magic, Princess Jasmine tells him that he is to be the Savior of Agrabah. When Aladdin need some time alone, Princess Jasmine returns to the Capital Palace to tell he father about her discovery. After Princess Jasmine leaves, Jafar confronts Aladdin, using the Red Bird and shows Aladdin his future, where he will die as the Savior. Jafar then hands him a pair of golden shears that once belonged to the Fates to free himself from his fate. ("Street Rats")

At the Capital Palace, Princess Jasmine tells her father about the Savior who will save Agrabah, but is interrupted by Jafar. Jafar tells Princess Jasmine that she is in-between his way to become the ruler of Agrabah. He then traps Princess Jasmine in an hourglass to drown her. On the Magic Carpet, Aladdin flies into the Palace to save Princess Jasmine. He breaks Jafar's Serpent Staff into half, freeing Princess Jasmine from the hourglass and the Sultan of Agrabah from Jafar's control. Angered by Aladdin's actions, Jafar manifests himself away from the Palace. With Jafar gone, Princess Jasmine introduces Aladdin to her father. Later, at the marketplace, Aladdin asks Princess Jasmine to join him to track Jafar down but Princess Jasmine declines, hoping to stack back and fix Agrabah. As Aladdin leaves the marketplace, the golden shears magically teleports to him with a letter from Jafar, offering him a second chance to use it and free himself from being the Savior. ("Street Rats")

Jafar later chases a man, Emir, to a hideout cottage somewhere in the dessert. As the man asks help from Aladdin, the Oracle, Aladdin's caretaker, tells him that Aladdin isn't seeing anyone at the moment. Moments later, Jafar shows up at the doorway and turns Emir to dust using the Serpent Staff. Jafar then knocks out the Oracle before seeking an audience with Aladdin. Jafar mentions to Aladdin about their history, where Jafar reveals that despite Aladdin defeating him, he still feel that Aladdin has honour. As Aladdin asks Jafar to kill him, Jafar mocks Aladdin, refusing to kill him. Instead, he tells Aladdin that as the Savior of Agrabah, he will meet an unpleasant ending, like all the other Saviors of the land. ("The Savior")

Afraid of death, Aladdin uses the golden shears given to him by Jafar sometime ago to strip himself from being the Savior of Agrabah. He then relocates to the Enchanted Forest. After Aladdin leaves Agrabah, the Capital of Agrabah is attacked. As Aladdin is missing, Princess Jasmine seeks help from the neighboring kingdom. On the way back to the Capital of Agrabah, she is caught in a sandstorm. After the sandstorm, Princess Jasmine finds that the Capital of Agrabah had vanished. With the help of the Oracle, Princess Jasmine leaves the realm to the Land of Untold Stories to find Aladdin. ("Strange Case", "Street Rats", "Dark Waters")

Jafar tracks the last genie bottle to Wonderland. Together with the imprisoned Sultan, Jafar makes his way to Wonderland by unknown means. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")


  • Capital of Agrabah (Currently ruled by the Sultan of Agrabah)
  • Diplomat's Kingdom
  • Eastern Province
  • Emir's Kingdom
  • Northern Province
  • Sultan's Kingdom (Formerly ruled by the Sultan)


  • Agrabah is based on the desert kingdom of the same name from the Disney movie Aladdin.



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